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Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles

Despite the cheesy title, I found this book rather enjoyable. It was probably unjustifiably over-stereotyped but the fact that I finished the entire book in one sitting throughout the middle of the night would point to the fact that I was able to overlook that glaring detail. 


The novel focused on Brittany, the seemingly perfect, rich, blonde cheerleader, and Alejandro, a Mexican who sports a red bandana, because you guessed it, he is a gang member. 


Alejandro, or Alex, makes a bet that he can bang Brittany in two months...how original. Brittany says she'll never go near him and ruin her perfect reputation. Well that and the fact that she has a boyfriend. But alas, as in Romeo and Juliet, love cannot be stopped. I feel like I'm being very critical as I type this up, but as previously mentioned I did enjoy it as a light read. So overall, I would probably recommend it to anyone who likes Chick Lit.